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Ryan Giggs first press conference as Manchester United manager

  • That's the end of our live coverage of Ryan Giggs' first press conference as Manchester United's interim manager. Here are the key points:

    • He paid tribute to his predecessor David Moyes, thanking him for giving him his first chance in coaching, adding: "It is something I will always remember."

    • Giggs admitted it had been a "frustrating season for everyone... You win together, you lose together." He also pledged to "bring some positivity back, bring smiles to the faces."

    Giggs talks about the playing style Manchester United can expect to play in his final four games: "I want the players to express themselves and enjoy themselves. It will be my philosophy and Manchester United's philosophy because I have been here all of my career."

    Here's the latest news story on the press conference:

    by Ian Jones, MSN news editor edited by Duncan Hooper, MSN news editor 4/25/2014 9:18:32 AM
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